Red and White Enterprises

Technology Development and Marketing Services 

for the Video Electronics Industry

Red and White Enterprises provides a host of valuable services in Product Development, Marketing, and 
IP Management for the Video Electronics Industry.   Incorporated in 1992, R&W has been providing 
professional assistance for some of the best companies in the business ever since.

Services offered consist of hourly or project based consulting services for Engineering, Marketing or Product and IP Management.  

R&W can provide on site participation in your team or Turn-Key management of entire projects.   

Experienced in System Product Design and Management for:
              Professional Video Conversion products
              Consumer Electronic devices

              Pro AV Installations

              3D viewing systems
Areas of Technology expertise include: 
              Digital Hardware Design
              Embedded System Programming
              Windows Programming
              Optical and Projection System Design

Areas of Marketing expertise include:
              Market Research

              Sales Channel Development
              Product Operations Management
              Promotional Program Creation and Management

Areas of  IP management expertise include:
              Application for patents and trademarks
              Evaluation of products for potential infringement