Red and White Enterprises

Technology Development and Marketing Services 
for the Video Electronics Industry

Product Design

Red and White Enterprises designs complete Video Conversion products for Professional  Video  and  Consumer  Electronics.   The  form  of  a  Video  Converter may be either a stand-alone, independent unit  ("Box"), or a tightly integrated sub-system that is contained within  the  customer's  enclosure ("Board").  Video Converters vary widely in functionality and I/O characteristics.   Red and White designs Video Products with all industry standard  I/O interfaces, including DVI, HDMI, SDI, Displayport, and analog RGB in all resolutions from legacy NTSC/PAL to 4K.

Red and White Enterprises has the ability to deliver all parts of the design solution:

Hardware and Schematic Design
Hardware schematic designs are created in Orcad.
Video Algorithm Development 
Video algorithms for scaling, warping, color conversion, blending and other functions are developed and tested using PC based techniques. After verification, algorithms are implemented in FPGA code.  
FPGA Design
Video Conversion functions can be made with SoC or FPGA devices or both. FPGA coding may be performed in Altera or Xilinx.
Embedded and PC based Control Software
A tight connection between the embedded firmware of the Video Conversion system and a controlling device is maintained by providing the development of both sides.  Control methods include wired Ethernet, USB and various forms of wireless communication. 
Rapid Prototype Development
Red and White manages all aspects of prototype delivery, including circuit board manufacture, prototype kitting, license application, circuit board assembly and integration/debugging of the prototypes.       
User Interface, Thermal and Industrial Design
The look and feel of any system product is critical to its success.   Red and White manages all aspects of a successful system development by carefully choosing the user actuation components, and combining them with precise user feedback in OSD and indication devices.   
Regulatory and HDMI Qualification
Red and White designs all products with the consideration of compliance with international communications and safety standards.  Management of regulatory testing with third party testing houses can be performed as well.   In addition, Red and White can manage first product HDMI testing.