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Professional Video Converter Design

Professional Video Converters are used in Video Production to translate between Resolutions, I/O formats, Video Standards and frequencies.   Additional functions such as Noise Reduction, Mixing, Keying and Switching may be included as well.    In the Pro AV Industry, Video Converters perform the additional features of Image Geometry Correction and Edge Blending.   The design challenge in Professional Video Converters is the creation and implementation of sophisticated digital video features that operate across a wide range of resolutions and video formats with tight tolerances.   In addition, careful attention must be paid to the design of the User Interface and User Controls, to ensure the completion of a product that is both easy-to-use and easy-to-learn by industry professional operating in a high pressure and high profile environment.   Finally, since Professional Video Converters are expensive pieces of capital equipment,  the Industrial Design and packaging must convey a sense of worth.

Red and White understands all of the key components of Professional Video equipment design.  Whether your project requires assistance in one key area or you need a full design from concept to production, we will provide cost effective service.  Quick time to market is our key focus.   

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