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Consumer Electronics Product Design

Video Converter design for the Consumer Electronics industry presents  different design goals than those of the Professional industry.  Many of the same complex digital video features are implemented in Consumer Designs.  However, they must be presented to a user who is much less sophisticated than  Professional Video technicians.  User Interface design must present fewer choices, and present them in such a fashion that they can be learned by a user who is unwilling to read a manual or background material.   Multilingual interface support is usually required.   Industrial Design, User Controls and packaging, as well as functional electronics, must all be designed for minimal cost and ease of manufacture.   

Red and White has the ability to design and produce Consumer Electronic Video Converters to the working prototype level.  Video Converters may be designed as module level components for other Consumer Electronic devices (HDMI I/O sub-system for AVRs, for example) or as fully finished products with packaging, accessories and regulatory approvals.     

HDMI I/O Module for AVRs

















Scan Converter      

































Line Quadrupler